Hygia Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, Lucknow has set up a Grievance Redressal Committee to safeguard the human rights of all the students for a happy, comfortable, and safe environment at our premises. The cell actively works to identify, address, and combat any grievances pertaining to:

  • Ragging
  • Discrimination on the grounds of caste, color, or creed, and physical disabilities
  • Work Conditions
  • Sexual harassment and misconduct
  • Mental harassment
  • Complaints regarding classroom management, completion of syllabus, teaching methodology, and fee-related issues.

Additionally, any other issues that are affecting the wellbeing of the students, faculty, and staff are also taken into consideration.

To express your grievance, you can file a formal complaint by filling out the required details in the forms mentioned below. For any genuine reason, if you do not wish to disclose your identity, you have an option to report your grievance anonymously.

On receipt of your grievance form, the institute will investigate the issue reported and will find an effective solution to your grievance with an impartial and fair approach.