Hygia Group of Institutions is pleased to announce adoption of Microsoft Office 365 services for all of its constituent institutes. Which includes

  1. Email id with 50 GB of storage at the domain name of hygia.in. The backend of this mail id is Outlook Exchange Service by Microsoft. Which means more security, more features, polished web interface, synced contact list and calendar.
  2. One Tb of Microsoft Onedrive storage space for each employee
  3. Microsoft Office 365 Web and Mobile version

There are many more features which will be rolled out in phase wise manner and all of you will be updated timely. Below is the list of Email Ids of the employees of the Hygia group of Institutions. Please take note that email Id below are followed by suffix AT THE RATE hygia.in. In order to prevent internet bots to crawl all the employee e-mail Id’s and cause spamming AT THE RATE Hygia.in is omitted below. Which means email id abc is essentially abc@hygia.in

To login to your account, go to https://office.hygia.in.


Name Email Id
Dr. Abhishek Gupta abhishekgupta
Dr. Aleza Rizvi rizvia
Dr. Ankur Gera ankurg
Dr. Anubhav Anand ananda
Dr. Dharamveer Panjwani panjwanid
Dr. Hardesh Kumar Maurya mauryahk
Dr. Ramesh Kumar Gupta guptark
Dr. Sujeet Kumar Gupta guptas
Dr. Udaivir Singh Sara sarauvs
Mr. Abadhesh Kumar Niranjan niranjana
Mr. Amit Kumar Pandey pandeyak
Mr. Anant Kumar Srivastava shrivastavaak
Mr. Anupam Bisht bisht
Mr. Arvind Kumar kumara
Mr. Chandan Kumar Singh singhck
Mr. Jitender Madan madanj
Mr. Kislaya Kumar Mishra mishrak
Mr. Manish Kashyap kashyapm
Mr. Nirankar Pandey pandeyn
Mr. Radhey Shyam Sharma sharmasr
Mr. Rahul Kulshrestha kulshresthar
Mr. Rishabh Singh singhr
Mr. Salahuddin azmis
Mr. Samar Mujeeb mujeebs
Mr. Santosh Kumar kumars
Mr. Shashank Shekhar Mishra mishrass
Mr. Shobhit Srivastava srivastavas
Mr. Suvaiv suvaiv
Mr. Umesh Kumar kumaru
Mr. Wasim Akhtar akhtarw
Ms. Afreen Bano banoa
Ms. Akanksha Sharma sharmaa
Ms. Anjali Singh singha
Ms. Ashfa Zubair zubaira
Ms. Avani Gupta guptaa
Ms. Bhagyashree Goswami goswamibs
Ms. Gayatri Joshi Joshig
Ms. Mala Mishra mishram
Ms. Maryam Shameem Siddiqui siddiquism
Ms. Naincy Gupta guptan
Ms. Nirvesh Chaudhri chaudharin
Ms. Nupur Jaiswal jaiswaln
Ms. Pallavi Mishra mishrap
Ms. Parul Mishra mishrapa
Ms. Pragya Shukla shuklap
Ms. Pragya Srivastava srivastavap
Ms. Preeti Singh Yadav yadavps
Ms. Priyanka Yadav yadavp
Ms. Rajni Mishra mishrar
Ms. Rashmi Samant samantr
Ms. Richa Tripathi tripathir
Ms. Sabreena Naz nazs
Ms. Shweta Singh singhsh
Ms. Shweta Mishra mishras
Ms. Soumya Singh singhso
Ms. Varsha Singh singhv
System Administrator jmadan

Lab Technicans and Lab Assistants

Name Email
Mr. Aneet Maurya mauryaa
Mr. Ankur Kumar Verma vermaak
Mr. Anurag Shukla shuklaa
Mr. Arqam Hamza hamzaa
Mr. Arun Kumar Singh singhk
Mr. Atyant Trivedi trivedia
Mr. Dharmendra Kumar Bajpai bajpaikd
Mr. Durgesh Yadav yadavd
Mr. Gyan Chandra Raj chandtag
Mr. Hasan Abbas Zaidi zaidia
Mr. Kartik Kumar kumark
Mr. Krishna Kumar Jaiswal jaiswalk
Mr. Kumar Gaurav Dwivedi dwivedigk
Mr. Mohd Aquil aquilm
Mr. Rajendra Kumar Singh singhkr
Mr. Rajesh Kumar kumarr
Mr. Sandeep Kumar Mishra mishrask
Mr. Sandeep Kumar Singh singhks
Mr. Shiva Pandey pandeys
Mr. Shobhit Yadav yadavs
Ms. Laxmi Maurya mauryal
Ms. Nayanshi Mishra mishran
Ms. Saima Khatoon khatoons


Name Email
Mr. Awadhesh Kumar kumaraw
Mr. Ovais Ahmad Khan ovais
Mr. Pankaj Agnihotri agnihotrip
Mr. Prabhakar Mishra mishrapr
Mr. Waquar Ahmad ahmadw
Ms. Maimuna Khan khanm


Name Email
Mr. Gulshan Marwaha marwahag
Mr. R.K Bhatnagar bhatnagarr
Mr. Syed Nisar Husain Jafari jafrisnh


Name Email
Mr. Chanda Tiwari tiwaric
Mr. Chandan Kumar Singh singhck
Mr. Harsh Kumar Pandey pandeykh
Mr. Mirza Safdar Raza razasm
Mr. Mohd Masoom Raza Khan khanrmm
Mr. Pawan Kumar Singh singhkp
Mr. Sam Kazmi kazmis
Mr. Shamshi Qamar qamars

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